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Women On The Move

Celebration of Leaders and Entrepreneurs, One-on-One Mentoring, Networking

Black women have been tapping into their power, rising as entrepreneurs and professionals, serving as the driving force in their communities, and shaping the world!


Women On The Move is a flagship event that facilitates impactful networking and high-value mentorship opportunities among motivated women at all stages of age, career, and influence. Past speakers and guests have included Jada Pinkett-Smith, Sunny Hostin, Shelonda Stokes, Crystal Berger, Bianca J Jackson, Arion Long, and Ellington West.


This annual in-person ABC empowerment & networking event features a guest panel of women leaders and entrepreneurs, with one-on-one mentoring opportunities and an open networking reception.


2023 Event 

Economic disenfranchisement is one of the largest ways Black people have been left out of the ability to thrive and live successfully. Because of systemic inequity, Black communities have had limited access to wealth building opportunities.


Of course, segregation, discriminatory lending practices, and exclusionary policies have prevented many Black individuals from accumulating wealth or having access to capital and investment vehicles.

Also, limited financial education and knowledge about investing have been barriers for Black people, including a lack of exposure to investment concepts and strategies which has contributed to a lower level of participation.


At the same time, in Black communities, there can be a higher levels of risk aversion when it comes to investing due to concerns about potential losses and financial security. Historical experiences of economic instability and the desire to preserve wealth can heavily influence investment decision-making. Additionally, negative perceptions or mistrust of financial institutions and the stock market, rooted in historical experiences of exploitation, can impact investment participation.


Associated Black Charities’ Women On The Move is an empowerment event designed to encourage women to build their professional/personal networks, inspire women through shared experiences and strengthen their business and civic leadership. This year’s event, presented by Bank of America, will be held on Thursday, December 7th at the Marriott Owings Mills Metro Centre from 4:30 to 7:30 pm and will feature women leaders and entrepreneurs who have made their mark through various investment strategies. Moderated by Crystal Berger, the 2023 guest speaker panel includes Keisha McClain, Tiffany Hawkins, and Angela Wells-Sims. One-on-one mentoring opportunities will also be available during the first hour of the event, along with an open networking reception.

2022 Event Highlights

Featured Speakers


Bianca Jackson
Founder & Owner of BrickRose Exchange

Arion Long
Founder & Chief Estrogen Officer of Femly

Ellington West
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Office of Sonavi Labs

Crystal Berger
Media Tech Entreprenuer & Founder of EBO

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