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Our Research

Equal Economic Access

Removing race-based barriers in public policy and workforce that have the outcome of limiting people of color is not a matter of social justice or morality, it is an economic necessity. We recognize that public policy has played a pivotal role in both creating and dismantling the structural and institutional barriers that have disproportionally and negatively impacted African American and other racially marginalized groups in America. 

Similarly, a workforce that is well-trained, ambitious, and free of demoralizing social hindrances expands opportunities for our most marginalized populations, expands their career options – and the options of employers. Structural and institutional racialized barriers don’t just hurt individual racial groups;  they hurt our local, regional, and national economy, generating losses on our economic and material productivity.

ABC's ongoing research serves to identify, analyze, and review patterns and systemic issues in need of racial equity remedies. 

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