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Equity First Speaker Series

Equity First Eric Brockman.jpg

Min. Eric A. Brockman, the Founder, and Chairman of FOCUS has nearly 40 years of experiencein Information Technology and Cybersecurity. He believes the experience and knowledge he’s
gained, professionally and personally, over the years puts him in a unique position to teach and train others who have to desire to pursue a career in information technology and cybersecurity.

Mr. Brockman has a passion for technology and giving back to others and the community. It’s important for him to forward his knowledge and experience to teach the skills needed to individuals that may not have the opportunity to change the trajectory of their life.

Since 1994, FOCUS has worked to address the personal and educational needs of entry in the field of IT in challenged communities throughout the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia.

“Our focus is to help others who want to achieve social and economic stability through learning business and job skills that are marketable in the fast-growing IT and cybersecurity fields.”

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