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Racial Equity Training

Associated Black Charities has designed a menu of engagement services that are brave, confidential, transformative, and transactional. Our approach is to meet our clients where they are in their learning journey. We support corporate leaders, racial equity committees, and boards of directors to deepen their understanding of how their individual belief systems and operational business culture reinforces inequity for internal staff, committees, and communities served.


ABC DEI Toolkit

ABC's customizable DEI Toolkits provide framework and guidance to help you thoughtfully address inequities, implement fair practices, and increase your organization's ability to create a more equitable environment. Our toolkits can include videos, webinars, workshop guides, templates, questionnaires, and activities to increase your readiness, competency, and capacity for diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. 

Workplace Support

Many companies are beginning the process of holding a mirror up to themselves in order to uncover how systemic barriers, like racism, operate within the culture of organization and industry norms. Corporate citizens must make advancing equity a priority within its operational culture and business strategies. Corporations will require a shift in resources and pathways for promotions, hiring and access to services. Our communities are dependent on such shifts for economic recovery and for the Black workers who have been historically underrepresented in the corporate landscape. ABC can support with customized training, workshops, presentations, clinics, and executive coaching.

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10 Essential Questions

The10 Essential Questions are designed to help leaders in various capacities – Workforce Development; Policy Development, Review, and Evaluation; Employers, Business Owners, HR Professionals & Hiring Managers; and Philanthropic Grant-Making, Policies and Practices – to look at their organizations through a critical and constructive lens to determine where and how they can create a more inclusive and equitable environment. 


Film Screenings

Associated Black Charities, in our mission to dismantle systemic racism, works together with creatives, historians and subject matter experts to create films that help uncover the underpinnings of structural racism, and how the events and policies of the past have helped shape our future. Previous collaborations include, The History of Structural Racism in Baltimore, an original film produced by ABC that exposed “the rot beneath the glitter” of how Baltimore became “Baltimore.” 


ABC Disruption Hour Podcast

Coming Soon!

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