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ABC Education


ABC Academy

Associated Black Charities takes pride in being a leader in developing content to support the African American community and work in diversity, equity, and inclusion. ABC has taken the same coursework we use within our workforce development framework and created an online series of videos to allow community members to experience learning at their own pace in their own locations. The ABC Academy learning series content is available at no cost.

Additional in person training modules, sessions, and complimenting learning materials and tools will be available upon request through partnership.


Equity In Action Conference

ABC's Equity In Action Conference is designed for public and private corporations, non-profit organizations, community leaders, advocates, policymakers, and workers interested in learning more about growing equitable opportunities for Black people and other people of color. 

The Equity In Action Conference will be an opportunity to learn and prepare as we work collaboratively to make our workplaces and communities safe spaces for all individuals. This opportunity to come together and renew a commitment to our individual and collective equity work aims to improve sustainable experiences and outcomes for the systemically marginalized and underrepresented through inclusive and anti-racist strategies.



At this time, ABC hosts two recurring webinar series - Equity First and Equity at Work.

Equity First, a series of virtual empowerment clinics, consists of dialogue with key leaders from across the nation, on cutting edge topics, who recognize that sustainable change for people of color will only come when structural and institutional barriers are replaced with equitable policies, practices, and institutions. Invited speakers are those who have put equity first in their careers and their passions and who are willing to share experiences to enlighten and empower ABC’s community. 


The Equity at Work series explores the lived experiences of navigating the workplace while Black. By addressing common issues and obstacles affecting the Black worker, ABC aims to create awareness and provide tools and resources to navigate barriers successfully.

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