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ABC's Inaugural Equity Conference

Join us for a transformative experience at the Associated Black Charities' 2023 Equity In Action Conference: "The Movement Continues..."

This groundbreaking event is tailor-made for corporations, organizations, community leaders, advocates, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and workers who are dedicated to advancing equitable opportunities for Black people. Help ABC ignite change and be a part of the momentum at this inaugural event where insightful workshops will empower you to drive real progress!

There will be workshops and learning experiences for

Corporations, Organizations, and their Leaders around

• learning how to foster a workplace environment that not only values diversity but also actively redistributes resources and power to promote true equity

• challenging traditional norms and learning how to reshape your organization's culture to reflect genuine inclusivity and equity

• the pitfalls of performative diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, and discovering how to drive authentic change that leads to lasting impact

• shaping the future of work by defining and cultivating truly equitable workplaces that celebrate diversity and ensure fair treatment

for Black professionals looking to

• explore strategies to break down barriers, create professional alignment, and foster collaborative growth within the Black community

• gain resilience and connect with others who share similar experiences in navigating predominantly non-Black spaces

• develop self-assuredness and authenticity to leverage skills and competencies to make a meaningful impact in the workplace

for Black entrepreneurs who want to

• uncover pathways to overcome financial obstacles and gain access to essential capital, paving the way for Black entrepreneurs and businesses to thrive

• explore the dynamic landscape of Black entrepreneurship and gain insights into the future of Black-owned businesses

• learn how business accelerators can propel ventures forward and provide a launching pad for success

with Master Classes on

• embracing the power of creativity as a valuable asset and exploring innovative ways to turn cultural expression into economic opportunities

• understanding the significance of circulating economic resources within the Black community and exploring strategies for fostering sustainable economic growth

• discovering the secrets to building a compelling and impactful personal and professional brand


Join ABC as we draw inspiration from historical achievements to fuel commitment to sustaining the ongoing movement for racial equity and equip participants with the tools and knowledge needed to become champions for racial equity at work, in the community, and beyond!

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