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Will You Be 1 Of 2500 People To Support
Associated Black Charities?

ABC's 10/10/10 Campaign seeks to engage 2500 donors who will give a minimum of $10 by October 31, 2023 to support our mission work.


For the next 6 weeks. ABC is looking to identify 2500 donors to give $10! Your donation will support our mission to work as an educator, advocate, supporter, and convener to address and eliminate the barriers created by structural racism and to advance long-term solutions that create new opportunities for Black people to thrive. 


 Be a part of our journey to make a lasting impact.

Just take 10 minutes of your time, to review the 10 reasons you should give $10, and then tell 10 people about what inspired you to support ABC!

On the Phone

10 Reasons To Support ABC

  1. We work as an educator, advocate, supporter, and convener to address and eliminate barriers created by structural racism.

  2. We promote racial equity and actively work to address disparities through community programming.

  3. We focus on long-term solutions that address the root causes of systems that keep Black people from accessing opportunity.

  4. We provide training and resources to help develop critical skills around leadership, Black wealth, and financial literacy.

  5. We empower Black professionals with guidance and resources to navigate structural racism in the workplace.

  6. We focus on economic empowerment to stimulate financial growth within Black communities.

  7. We create listening opportunities to set the table for communication and positive exchange.

  8. We offer racial equity training services to support corporate leaders, racial equity committees, and Boards of Directors.

  9. We actively support workforce and policy development that create opportunity for Black people to thrive.

  10. We believe that a world that works actively toward the elimination of racial disparities is possible.

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