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An Invitation to Reflect, Honor, and Give Thanks

The seasons are a time of change and growth for all of us, including our organization. ABC will continue to evolve as we move into its next chapter. Most notably our incoming CEO will make a mark on our future impact, but in other ways both public and behind the scenes, such as with expanded programming and staff, we are excited for the changes ahead.

From the time of its birth through today and beyond, ABC has been and will continue to be an important part of the Baltimore community. For this, we want to thank you. We are grateful for you, our community, who support and sustain our work to end structural racism.

We cannot do this without you.

We also invite you to remember how indigenous communities sacrificed in order for others to live on their rich lands. It is with solemn acknowledgment we know that inequity and racism are embedded into so many of the “norms” of our society, our holidays, and our ways of life. ABC’s mission will not be complete until economic equality is available to all.

Wishing you and yours a blessed and fulfilling day,

Associated Black Charities Staff & Board of Directors

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